“This is not a goodbye, my darling, this is a thank you.” Nicholas Sparks


When I first started working for this publication in early 2019, I had no idea how much I’d learn or just how hard it would be to leave. This might sound like déjà vu to our regular readers because I wrote a farewell letter in early 2020 when I moved to Los Angeles, but the pandemic changed a lot of things, am I right?


So, as I sit here composing my final letter as the Editor of Yucatán Today, I feel extremely grateful to all those who made this time possible for me. Judy and Juanita, my preceding editors, set a clear example to follow and taught me so much. To Andrea, our Director, thank you for entrusting me with your magazine and for your stellar leadership (and yes, friendship).


During the bulk of my time as Editor, Covid has run so much of our lives. It would have been impossible to continue our mission, if not for amazing coworkers: Renée, Eli, Olivia, Alicia, Alitzel, Roberto, Mary, Tere, Alfredo, Julio, and Beto. Not to mention our superstar writers who have never ceased to come up with new ideas, even while shut-in at home.


To our sponsors, your creativity and resilience are inspiring, and your loyalty helps us put out a new magazine each month. Thank you also to Alicia Navarrete, who will be stepping into the role of Editor. I couldn’t leave the magazine in better hands.


Last, but by no means least, I feel gratitude to our readers. Each month we set out to create a magazine with information you can depend on. Your continued support is everything to us.


Now, after a year and a half of promoting Yucatán from a distance, I’m ready to resume my life and follow new goals in Los Angeles, California. But in so many ways, my heart will stay here, with all of you, in Yucatán. 





By Maggie Rosado.
Editor of Yucatan Today. Maggie is passionate about tourism, writing, and languages and holds a Master’s degree in Translation.



Photography by Patronato CULTUR for its use in Yucatán Today.

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