“Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret.” -Mary Kay Ash

This quote, by one of the wisest women of recent generations, inspires me this month because I want to express appreciation to the team of contributing writers who put together the editorial features of this edition. They all went above and beyond the call of duty to deliver in-depth stories about a very special region of our state: Tekax, about an hour and a half south of Mérida. We have no less than eight articles that bring this region to life!

Violeta H. Cantarell put together the introduction to the region on page 1, a directory of services on page 4, and wrote a reflective look at how the Maya manage water, through the eyes of two Tekax tour guides, Julio Estañol and Julio Sosa, on page 9. Ralf Hollmann inspires us with his fearless cave explorations on page 5, a visit to the unique and uncrowded archaeological site of Chacmultún on page 6, and a sensitive report on the possibilities for rural tourism in nearby San Marcelino on page 7. Cassie Pearse once again teaches us how to bring a destination to life for young children, on page 10, and she also tells us about a local legend that attributes special powers to the saint San Diego, on page 8. I’m quite certain that after reading this edition, you’ll want to follow in their footsteps and see it all for yourself.

As we were getting ready to go to print with an article about the seasonal gastronomical delight known as Chiles en Nogada, beautifully written by Claudia Améndola, suddenly we heard from several of our advertisers that they were featuring this dish in their ads this month. Thanks to Maggie Rosado for pulling together all the last-minute details on this article!

I hope that you will feel equally inspired by someone you know as I am this month. If you are, take Mary Kay’s advice, and tell them so.


By Juanita Stein
Editorial Director
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