“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” – Various authors

There’s a whole world out there of things you have never tried. And this month’s edition will invite you to try several new things. But first, a correction of information that appears on page 17 in the “Top 10” article: we erroneously named Mexican Independence Day as September 15 instead of September 16. However, if you have never gone to the Zócalo the night before, on the 15th to hear the “grito de independencia,” then you must do it for the first time!

On page 4 we tell you how the Maya read signs from a local bird on how much it will rain each season. Get off the beaten path and look for the yuyas’ nests, and see for yourself if it works!

If you are a music lover, and think violins are only built for classical music, think again! The supremely talented crossover musician David Garrett is coming to Coliseo Yucatán next month. Read more on page 7. Get your tickets now!

Afraid of bees? Or fascinated by their industry? Either way, dare to take the Co’ox Mayab tour to the bee farms in Sinanché (page 8). Don the protective gear they provide and see these amazing workers up close. The honey they produce is world famous.

If you are not a native Spanish speaker, as a visitor you will be determined to find a way to communicate in Spanish; and as a new resident you have probably already signed up for Spanish classes. Why not push yourself a bit further and learn Maya? On page 9 our contributing writer Valentina Álvarez describes her experience…and tells us how the Maya use language in a completely different way from what you are used to. For Valentina, it proved to be a life-changing experience.

And never fear…your copy of Yucatán Today will be your faithful companion as you try all these new experiences!


By Juanita Stein
Editorial Director
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