“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. — Marcel Proust


Dear reader, 


Welcome to yet another issue of your Yucatán Today magazine! This month, we’re going deep into the heart of the Maya world through a look at some of the traditions and beliefs that are kept alive generation to generation. 


There’s sort of a funny story to this edition. Our original intention was to focus it on a specific area of the state, but as the stories and articles came together, we found a common thread that led us down a different path. And because exploring requires spontaneity and adventure, we decided to go with the flow, follow the thread, and marvel at what we discovered along the way.


That’s how the issue you’re holding came to be: in it, each of our featured articles, regardless of the section it’s in, goes back to the heart of what makes Yucatán unique: its people, their knowledge, their traditions, and their beliefs. Like the clouds above our head, we’re so used to them we sometimes forget they’re there, but if you look up and really see them, you might be reminded of how special and magical they can be. Like the breeze, even if we can’t see them, we can feel everything they bring to our lives.


For those of us who make Yucatán Today it’s always a privilege to go out and discover different ways to enjoy the beautiful state we live in. We hope this edition conveys that feeling, and encourages you to see it from more than one perspective, regardless of what your default is.


Carta editora - noviembre 2023


By Alicia Navarrete
Communicologist born circumstantially in México City, but who says “uay” since 1985. Life has allowed me to see the world, which in turn has allowed me to discover how much I love the place where I live




Photography by Sara Alba, and Yucatán Today for use in Yucatán Today.

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