“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”
– Laura Ingalls Wilder


Our planet’s beauty has inspired many a painter, poet, philosopher, and scientist since time immemorial. After all, who hasn’t stood at the edge of the water, in the depths of a jungle, or on a mountaintop and just felt…awe? Nature has the power to move us, render us speechless, even devastate us. But in Yucatán we feel fortunate to call this spectacular little corner of the world “home.”


So, we’re going back to basics and exploring some of Yucatán’s attractions that could have only been designed by Mother Earth herself. On page 5, Ralf discusses nature’s bounty, and while some of the offerings might make you a little squeamish, others could easily grace the table at any of the world’s finest restaurants. Cassie takes us by the hand and talks about our coastline’s mangrove forests on page 9, plus she gives us a great family-friendly idea to enjoy the great outdoors on page 13. In this edition, we also learn how the Maya loved animals and attributed special significance to them, Carlos shares more on page 11.


For those who prefer to stay closer to the city, Carlos reveals all the tips to help you spot urban archaeological remains on page 7. And since you’re already in town, why not take a tour of Santa Lucía’s hotspots? Violeta explores one of our new favorite places in Centro on page 17, while Greta reveals just some of the many culinary offerings in this traditional neighborhood on page 35.


As always, our team has prepared a wonderful edition with fabulous reads. Let them encourage you to pick your next adventure and discover the beauty of our state.




Maggie Rosado
Editor of Yucatán Today



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