“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”- Dr. Seuss

Today’s inspiration comes from Dr. Seuss, famous author of children’s books and life philosopher. He always saw things from a different perspective, and even though his unforgettable stories and illustrations were written for children, they always held a lesson for adults, too. In this quotation he reminds us that we should cherish the significance of a chance event.

Enrique Osorno, who took our spectacular May cover photo, had just such a chance experience when the photo was taken. In his own words:

“The story of this photo in reality is very short, and completely out of context. On a photo shoot in Valladolid, when the event was over, my colleagues and I went for lunch at the Zací restaurant, which has a cenote on its premises. It was there, while waiting for our food to arrive, where I saw this guy dressed in his pre-Hispanic attire. I asked him if I could take a few portraits in the cenote, which was only a few steps away, to which he agreed; we took a few photos in less than 15 minutes. He gave me his email and I sent him the photos but he never replied and I never knew anything more of him. I recall that he told me he was from a port town in Quintana Roo.”

I am sharing this story with you as a way of reminding you that during your travels in Yucatán, keep an eye out for moments of serendipity. Whether you are admiring the Maya architecture at Mayapán, floating in a cenote with dragonflies darting overhead, or watching the re-creation of the “first spark of the Mexican Revolution” in Valladolid: be open to the special moments, before they become only memories.

Juanita Stein, Editorial Director
[email protected]

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