Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. John Maxwell

To say that times are changin’ is an understatement. For the majority of us, our lives and livelihoods have been utterly turned on their heads and a return to normalcy doesn’t seem feasible for the time being. This isolation has made us rethink everything: the way we live, shop for groceries, reach out to loved ones, and make business among other things.

But at Yucatán Today, recent changes have brought our whole team together. We have been hard at work coming up with new ideas to keep the magazine you know and trust alive and kicking for many years to come. Which is why we bring to you our first-ever 100% digital edition.

As for a little YT history, through 32 years we have never missed a print edition. Yucatán Today’s offset printer has worked full steam through hurricanes, recessions, and more. But these are historical times indeed, not just for the tourism industry with the reprogramming of mass events such as the Olympics and the Tianguis Turístico, but for all businesses – big and small.

This month’s theme probably won’t surprise you – it’s all about staying home. But not just that, Ralf tells us how a tour company is coping when tourism is non-existent on page 13. Andrea recommends some traditional Maya remedies to heal common confinement-induced ailments on page 7. Cassie keeps it real (as usual) regarding quarantine life with kids on page 11. Greta did some digging and provides a full list of goodies you can enjoy at home, from spa kits to barista specialty coffees. And while you’re at it, treat your senses with online art experiences, expertly curated by Violeta on page 10.

We hope that you enjoy these reads in the comfort of home, wherever that may be. Each edition of this magazine has always been, and continues to be, our love letter to Yucatán. Stay safe friends. 


By Maggie Rosado
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