“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” – Alexander Pope

I chose this classic quote about making mistakes because we made a REALLY big one last month! The April 15 edition has the photo of a hammock with a hat and shawl draped over it…but the date on the cover says May 15. You can imagine our reaction here at Yucatán Today when we realized we had printed 12,000 magazines with the wrong date on the cover! As editor, I take full responsibility…and hereby apologize for the confusion! We make mistakes at Yucatán Today just like every business does; but I bet we won’t ever make that one again!

And now, continuing in the spirit of acknowledgements, I would like to say a big “thank you” to artist Agustín González, whose quirky cartoons graced the pages of our magazine for longer than the nearly ten years I’ve been working here. His unique humor always reminded us to look at the lighter side of life in Yucatán. He is a very busy artist and has some new projects to focus on. If I had to choose a favorite cartoon from over the years, it would be the elegant tribute he made to our founder, Juan Manuel, in the edition after his death. Agustín depicted Yucatán Today as a person, welcoming the traveler “with an open hand and an opened map,” and the simple words “Gracias Juan Manuel.” ¡Gracias a ti, Agustín!

This month, I’d like to introduce you to Cassie Pearse, recently transplanted to Mérida from London, U.K. with her husband and two children. Her monthly column (page 5) will focus on kid-friendly itineraries in Mérida and beyond. We have a lot of readers with young families who have been asking for this type of information!

So, take a look at this copy of the May 15 edition (“the sequel”) and discover all the great things we have in store for you this month!


By Juanita Stein
Editorial Director
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