“There is no time like spring, when life’s alive in everything,” Christina Rossetti.


After what seems to have been one of Yucatán’s longest winters, finally spring is here. This is normally not news, since we usually have a year-long summer with a handful of cool days between December and February. This year, however, we felt the first cold fronts in November, our handful of days became a handful of weeks, and we were barely able to take a break from the few sweaters we own. 


Between the unusual winter and the health restrictions at the beginning of the year, it’s not surprising that we’re 100% ready to greet the heat, with friends and family, outdoors: at beaches, cenotes, haciendas, and gardens. In this issue we strive to offer a range of options wide enough for you to fill your days with adventures in places you hadn’t visited, or from an angle you didn’t know. Are you ready for a change of scenery? 


Speaking of changing scenery, with this issue, the Yucatán Today team bids a fond farewell to our designer of over three years: the talented Elizabeth Llanes, who is moving on to make her own way out in the world. Though Eli will read this letter before the issue is out in print (someone has to get it on the page), I want to thank her, on behalf of all of us here, for her time and dedication to the magazine. 


So be like Eli: go on and discover what’s out there. Our state and its people are waiting with open arms, and we’ll be thrilled to go with you. 




By Alicia Navarrete
Communicologist born circumstantially in Mexico City, but who says “uay” since 1985. Life has allowed me to see the world, which in turn has allowed me to discover how much I love the place where I live. 





Photography on the cover by HIISHII PHOTO for its use in Yucatán Today.

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