“The past informs the present.” ― Fennel Hudson

This simple quote about tradition speaks volumes. We are very fortunate to be situated in the heart of an ancient civilization whose culture is very much alive…with a vast array of traditions that are a blend of many cultures.

Our Cover Story  invites you to an annual fair just outside of the city, where the artisans have been working with stone and wood for generations. You will learn all about the quirky way that locals name their stores, restaurants, and boats, many of which keep traditional or family names alive for decades. And a delightfully new tradition in Yucatán will make beer fans very happy…microbreweries are popping up throughout the state.

Our art feature this month introduces us to Richo Can, a local artist who transforms his mother’s iconic Yucatecan embroidery into paintings: a unique art form that puts a modern spin on a past tradition. We share some of the secrets of the Maya herbalists’ healing techniques: treatments and skills handed down from one generation to the next for hundreds and hundreds of years.  And for those of you who already know about the world-famous Yucatecan clothing item for men, the “guayabera,” what you may not know is that there is a town not far from Mérida where the majority of the population works in the proud manufacture of this iconic staple in every Yucatecan man’s wardrobe. You’ll want to include a visit to Tekit during your stay here.

It’s summertime! The beaches are busy and, speaking of traditions, don’t forget to try our local fried fish! Put a copy of Yucatán Today in your beach bag, grab a seaside table, and wash it down with an ice cold beer…from a local micro-brewery, of course.


By Juanita Stein
Editorial Director
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