“Travelers seek to experience things with all five senses.” – Amanda Strickland

When you travel, you can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. The state of Yucatán has a wealth of sensory input of every kind. Our quote this month comes from Amanda, a gifted writer who has recently joined our editorial team. Along with Violeta, whose work you have been enjoying for the past couple of years, we hope to keep stimulating all five of your senses.

Amanda is not only a travel writer, but she writes when she travels. She keeps a journal. An old-fashioned paper-and-pen kind of journal. In this day of electronic everything, it sometimes causes people to look twice: what is that young woman doing? She’s not typing on a keyboard! On page 5 she challenges you to keep a journal, too.

This edition is full of things you can experience with all your senses. On page 4 we tell you about the importance of the Volkswagen in our cultural memory; you can still see older models all around the state. On page 7 you’ll be inspired by an incredible youth symphony orchestra; listening to their heart-filled performances will give you hope for the future. At Animaya (page 8) you will be able to get up close and personal with a variety of wildlife, stimulating many senses at once.

Learn about the significance of corn to the Maya culture (pagee 9)…a staple product you can taste in every Yucatecan meal. On pag3 35 we take you on a tour of delicious desserts in Mérida, to tantalize your taste buds. And in the town of Cenotillo (page 53) you will be able to touch the waters of innumerable cenotes, and feel the sparkling freshness on your skin from head to toe.

This month, it’s time to sharpen all of your senses and experience Yucatán in a new way. And then, write it down.

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