Oh, the places you’ll go! – Dr. Seuss


Yucatán is beautiful every day of the year, but one of the best times to visit our state is during January and February. The temperature is so pleasant, and more than one visitor has assumed it’s always this way. But we publish 12 months a year, and you can be sure our reporting is accurate, even when it comes to the weather in May and June, Yucatán is heaven on earth!

In Yucatán, January and February are not only perfect temperature-wise, they are incredible months for ecotourism; for birders especially, as many migratory species spend the winter months in the countryside and along the coast of the peninsula.

I’m almost positive that Dr. Seuss never visited Yucatán, but I’m equally sure that he would have delighted in two Yucatecan curiosities that seem directly-inspired by his stories: our emblematic Th’ó birds (long-tailed mot-mots) look decidedly Seuss-ian, and “Huevo con Chaya y Longaniza”, could by all means be called, Green Eggs and Ham!

On page 4 of this edition, Valentina writes about the pre-Hispanic origins of eating Tamales on Candlemass Day. Then read page 7 for Ceci’s account of a family trip down the western coast of our state, to the beaches of Sisal and Celestún, where Mother Nature provides all that’s needed for a relaxing and restorative break.

Violeta tempts us with another getaway on page 8, to enjoy and support Yaxuná’s community tourism project, featuring a cenote and a unique archaeological site. On page 10, Ralf reports on how Hacienda Yaxcopoil is turning back time by restoring a sisal hacienda to its former glory.

And last but not least, at Yucatán Today we are celebrating our 32nd birthday. Thank you for allowing us to lead you ‘round our Yucatán; we hope you’ll continue traveling with us for a long time to come.


By Maggie Rosado
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