Without renewal of mind, there is no transformation. ― Lailah Gifty Akita

With this December edition of the magazine we are turning our thoughts toward family celebrations and the end of another year. And of course, the beginning of a new one!

I chose the quote by Lailah Gifty Akita because for me it expresses the essence of what new year’s resolutions should be all about: not just a list of goals, but a change in the way you think about something. Want to lose weight? You can’t just count calories and run around the block. You have to change the way you think about your nutrition, your fitness, and even yourself. In our “You’re Going Places” section this month, we tell you about some places you can go that were inspirational for the Maya (page 8); and in our “Who are the Maya?” section, we share with you some of the ways the Maya did a ritual cleansing of the mind when embarking on a new cycle (page 9).

Other topics of interest for this season include an article about locally produced liqueurs, with fascinating ingredients native to our region. It’s on page 4. And did you know that Mexican Mariachi music is alive and well in Mérida? There is a whole street where these musicians live, known (obviously) as “La Calle de los Mariachis.” Read about this beloved musical movement on page 7.

And for the shoe lovers out there, plan a day trip to the town of Ticul, known not only for its factories of clay pots for your garden, but also for its shoe industry. As you wander the streets of this charming small city, you will see dozens of shoe stores and shoemakers at work in their workshops, with a dazzling array of footwear to choose from.

I hope this edition of Yucatán Today will inspire you to achieve your own goals of a fulfilling and productive new year!

Juanita Stein
[email protected]

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