“See life like a tourist who sees beauty where everyone else sees routine.” Unknown

This month, I was inspired by this quote from the traveler community published by a dear friend who was reflecting upon life’s small pleasures. Lying in a hammock, contemplating the scenery, and admiring our local culture are just some of the things that make Yucatán unique and attract thousands of tourists a year!…or at least did during “normal” times.

And because our current circumstances are extraordinary, in this edition, we wanted to celebrate what has become spectacular everyday life. Cassie predicts the future of family outings while Greta tells us how visual artists have been getting their groove back during quarantine. The always inspiring Ralf shares the stories of local businesses that have adapted to continue offering support in their communities. Thanks to Carlos, we learn about a piece of Maya technology we rarely give much thought to. And Violeta describes the multiple uses of the deliciously ancient Pepita seed.

It was also a pleasure to receive a very special collaboration for our Yucatán Top Ten This Month. Juanita, owner of Between the Lines book store and former editor of this magazine, selected some of the very best English language books to put on your end-of-summer reading list. This made us ask the fabulous Fer De la Cruz to compile some of his favorite writings by Yucatecan authors. The result? 20 delicious publications you won’t want to miss.

On pages 6 and 7, I go back to basics by writing about Yucatán’s 19 archaeological sites. These landscapes are very familiar to me because during my childhood both my parents worked in tourism and I was always keen to tag along for any day trips. Reconnecting with these ancient sites and the memories of years gone by sure made me “see things like a tourist” and I fell in love with my state all over again. I hope you enjoy my recollections and that you find them useful in mapping out your future travels.

Thank you for continuing this journey with us.


Maggie Rosado
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