“How did it get so late so soon?” – Dr. Seuss

No one sums up the passing of time better than Dr. Seuss does in this quote. This month we take a delicious journey through time, and explore how the past is inevitably connected to the present. But there is something very comforting, isn’t there, when you have the chance to re-visit a happy memory from your childhood.

Our cover story on page 1 brings the beach vendor to life, a staple on Yucatecan shores for generations. Although his timeless chant focuses on the word “merengues,” he sells many treats to tempt you while you are spending a lazy day at the beach.

On page 4 we showcase some architectural icons of the past: the three remaining arches in our city. They marked divisions between classes as well as protection from pirates; contemplating them will give you the chance to see what daily life was like in Mérida hundreds of years ago.

The history of this region is full of ups and downs. This month we have devoted a double page spread to the timeline which connects the ancient Maya through colonization, right up to the 21st Century.

There is a new museum in Mérida devoted to the history of Mexican music, and you’ll get a glimpse into this fascinating new space on page 8. Nostalgia reigns as you hear the tunes and meet the performers of México’s golden age of music. One visit won’t be enough!

That’s not all! A peek inside iconic hotel Rosas & Xocolate, a super kid day, a look at what makes Mayapán so important to the history of the Maya, what to order in Mérida’s mercados, and a visit to the town of Hunucmá: it’s all in this edition of Yucatán Today. So, settle into your hamaca, turn the pages of time, and begin your trip into the past!

By Juanita Stein
Editorial Director
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