“You want to be a good archaeologist…you’ve got to get out of the library!” – Indiana Jones

Once again I’m opening my letter with a quote from Indiana Jones, and I may turn to him for inspiration again in the future. Why, you may ask?

As you know by now, in the March edition we presented a whole new look to Yucatán Today print magazine and website: new logo and new ways of organizing information. During the year-long process that led up to that, one of the exercises we did was to ask ourselves the question, “If Yucatán Today were a person, who would it be?” We decided it would be Indiana Jones: intrepid adventurer and knowledgeable about the places he goes. The perfect person to accompany you on your travels around Yucatán: equally comfortable with travellers who carry only a backpack or those who prefer a full matching set of Louis Vuitton.

We have received many wonderful comments from our readers about the new look! I hope you will enjoy reading some of them at the bottom of this letter. This month’s cover of Mérida´s cathedral San Ildefonso will be on display at our country’s big annual tourism trade show, Tianguis Turístico México, from April 25-28 in Guadalajara! Yucatán Today will be seen by travel industry professionals from all over the world.

What’s new this month: the history of Korean immigration to Yucatán; a look at our very own Leones de Yucatán baseball team; a chance to meet renowned Yucatecan artist Gabriel Ramírez Aznar; and the delightful description of traditional Maya games. In the mood for a day trip that combines an archaeological site and a cenote? With Yucatecan food for lunch? Check out “You’re Going Places”.

And remember to take your copy of Yucatán Today along for the ride. Your very own Indiana Jones.

Juanita Stein, Editorial Director
[email protected]


We all owe you a great debt for your magazine and website. Wallace Stegner, perhaps the most-loved author of the American West, said that a place doesn’t exist until someone has written about it. I am guessing that, in terms of the modern outside world, and excepting intrepid adventurers, Yucatán was pretty much “tierra incognita” before you came along.  So thank you.
Phyllis B., Uaymitún and Toronto

As I lingered over my coffee this weekend, I enjoyed reading my copy of the newly released Yucatán Today.  It is a wonderful edition and I am mindful of the many hours of careful planning and intense effort to produce something new, and of such quality.  Your focus on the ever-changing needs of a travelling public as well as the people who live in Yucatán is evident.  The discursive elements of the magazine will lead many to have adventures perhaps only dreamed about.  I think that aspect is quite magical. Congratulations on a successful launch!
Jan B., Mérida

Beautiful new logo and design! Congratulations!
Lee S., Mérida

Congratulations on the new look of Yucatan Today.  I can only imagine how much work it was and all the attention to detail it was to create.  It has become a keepsake item, for its beauty as a coffee table magazine, as well as an ongoing directory and resource.  The cover is artful and sleek.  It looks elegant and more in step with the new Mérida as it is emerging.
Liza Dunkel, Super English Mérida

Wow! Super neat! The new logo looks very serious, very professional. Love the change in fonts as well between Spanish and English, it’s elegant and clear to read. The interior feels more contemporary, fresh and more magazine-like. I love symmetry, so I always appreciate a good grid system. Really cool outcome, you and the team must be so proud after all that hard work!
Gemma R., London, UK

Please say to everyone ¡FELICIDADES! Well done!! Fantastic! Love it!
Kate, Kate Miasik Hair Salon

I just had a look at your new website. It is fantastic, very clean and powerful. Beautiful graphic. I congratulate the whole team and wish you great success.
Jan Z., Mérida

Looks fantastic!! Very clean! and the logo looks great!! Good work!!
Jakub Z., London, UK

I love the new look!
Joanna, Destino Merida Tours

We really REALLY like the new look!
Karen, Casa Celeste Vida, Celestún

Les felicitamos por la renovación de la revista. Siempre los cambios son buenos y desafiantes. Además, creo es un gran momento, inicio de primavera, nueva dirección, nuevas secciones, nuevos negocios promoviendo este hermoso paraíso entre muchas cosas más. Mucho éxito y gracias por la nueva sección de cafés.
Héctor y Yessi, Midtown Café

Quiero felicitarte a ti y a todo el equipo de Yucatán Today, pues la revista quedó bellísima ¡y además muy funcional!
Laura, La Sala Art and Design Gallery

Amigos y clientes de muchos años… Felicidades Andrea y Judy por este legado que continúa y de forma extraordinaria. ¡Enhorabuena!
Juan Manuel G., Mérida

Felicidades, ¡quedó divino! Muchas felicidades por este nuevo proyecto!!!
Manola, The T’ai Spa

Muchas felicidades por la nueva imagen de Yucatán Today. Quedo excelente.
Connie, Mayan Ecotours


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