“Summertime / And the livin’ is easy / Fish are jumpin’ / And the cotton is high…”

George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, DuBose Heyward

Many folks agree: summertime is their favorite time of year. And many musicians have been inspired by this theme, writing or performing such classics as “Surfin’ Safari,” “Summer Breeze,” and “Summer in the City”. While we can’t promise big waves for your surfboard, we certainly can promise plenty of summertime fun at the beaches of our state. Do you like action-packed beaches? Head to Progreso. Summer night life? Go to Chicxulub. Or maybe you want to discover a quiet beach where only a few people go. Our cover story will give you lots of ideas. Pack a cooler, and off you go!

But there are many other destinations you can experience this month. We take you on the back roads to Izamal, visiting several small towns along the way. Churches, cenotes, stone walls covered with bougainvillea, and an eco-archaeological site are waiting for you.

For an inside look at the pretty colonial town of Tixkokob, with haciendas and hammocks on the agenda. The mercado has many delicious varieties of local food, so be sure to bring your appetite along!

Other reading we have for you includes the fascinating story of Chaac, the Maya rain god. Did you know that the cenote at Chichén Itzá used to be the setting for the annual rain ceremony? The Maya believed that he lived in that cenote, guarding the underworld!

Another “must” read is our article about the Republic of Yucatán. Republic? Yes! Not once, but twice, the peninsula of Yucatán declared itself independent from the rest of México.

So who needs a juicy novel to take with you to the beach? Just take this magazine along and you’ll have mythology, history, and our best travel tips to make your “Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer” unforgettable.

Juanita Stein, Editorial Director
[email protected]

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