“There’s a party goin’ on right here…” (Kool and the Gang)

And the song continues, “A celebration to last throughout the years…” This sums up the mood at Yucatán Today. As you can see by our cover story, we are in party mode! It’s our 30th birthday! We have come a long way, and we still have many more goals for the future. Thanks for being with us yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

There’s lots to read in this anniversary edition! For Carnival fans, take note that because Easter is earlier this year (April 1), so is Carnival (page 5). The dates are Feb. 7 – 14. Another great excuse for a party!

For the romantically inclined, we have some tips for you on page 6 to help you with your Valentine’s Day shopping. If a work of art is something you’d like to consider, read about Soho Galleries on page 7.

There is a long tradition of herbal medicine in Yucatán, and you can combine a day trip to Izamal with a visit to Centro Botánico La Melisa (page 8). Chocolate has health benefits too! On page 9 you can learn about the history of this universal treat, of such great importance to the Maya that it was protected by one of their gods (Ek Chuah).

And lastly, I’d like to introduce you to (and welcome) Amanda Strickland, a gifted young writer who has joined us full time at Yucatán Today, to share her writing talents and other skills with us. She has made contributions to the last two editions (midwife Doña Bacila, and the street of the Mariachis), and you can read more of her work this month on page 35 (an underground taco investigation) and page 53 (about the secret magic of Yaxuná). Between Amanda and our beloved Violeta H. Cantarell, who has been freelance writing for us for a couple of years, the content of our magazine continues to be more irresistible every day! Happy reading!

Juanita Stein
[email protected]

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