“The Christmas gifts are under the palm tree this year!” – Yucatán Today

If you are reading this article in our print magazine, chances are you are here in Yucatán. So, no chimneys and no snow for you this Christmas! Believe me, you will be glad you are here…and we have plenty of things in store for you in this month’s magazine.

On page 4 from our online magazine you can read about the burning of the old year. As you travel through the neighborhoods of Mérida or the streets of nearby pueblos, a few days before the end of December you will start to see life-size rag dolls of elderly men on people’s doorsteps. Read our article to find out why. And you can learn about the Three Kings’ Fair in Tizimín, a city in the east of our state, on page 5 from our online magazine. Here we have an article about the traditions of Christmas in Mérida; if you are lucky you will be invited to someone’s house for turkey dinner…but it’s on the 24th of December, not the 25th!

If weather and calendars are your thing, read about the “Cabañuelas” on page 9 from our online magazine: an ancient way to predict the weather for the whole year, according to Maya traditions. Here you can get some ideas about where to go for New Year’s Eve dinner; there is something for everyone, and we have even more suggestions on our website. And, for those who like to go off the beaten path, read about the Christ Child celebrations in the town of Espita, click here.

As 2016 comes to a close, we reflect on a year of change at Yucatán Today: It’s been just over a year since the passing of our founder, Juan Manuel Mier y Terán, a huge loss for us; with his inspiration we continue to try to make the magazine better every month, and we are very happy with its new look that we launched in March!

Lastly, I want to express my sadness about the passing of Chef David Sterling who died last month. It is an enormous loss for the world of gastronomy; he left an incredible legacy behind and will be hugely missed. We have published a tribute to him here.

Happy travels to you, and may your tropical Christmas bring you the enduring gift of many new memories!

Juanita Stein
[email protected]

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