When I was a little girl, I loved classic 90s movies about sleepovers in home decor stores. Stepping into Mint & Lime on Avenida García Lavín, that girlish fantasy took over every part of me. Mint & Lime is a young brand from México City, putting Mexican-made into the home decor market for the first time.

The gracious manager, Gabriela, explained that the brand’s promise is 100% Mexican design, maximum quality, plus a personalized shopping experience.

Although I was listening, I was secretly hatching a plan. They’d be closing soon for the day, and I would pretend that I had left. But as soon as Gabriela stepped out, I’d close the blinds and commence the most elaborate game of “house” of my entire life. First, I’d do chemistry with the aromatherapy diffusers and candles, surrounding myself in a meditative mixture of floral and herbal fragrances. Then, I would fall dramatically into the luscious fluff of the display bed, surrounded by original design.

Gabriela explained, “We design everything you need for your home, from sheets and bedding, to tablecloths, cushions, and drapes; and we even have a crib that converts to a bed! We also offer a fabulous selection of fabrics to re-cover your sofa, or whip up the curtains of your dreams.”

Quietly I thought, “I’ll need to get pregnant soon,” because I can’t live any longer without seeing a newborn swaddled in those delectably soft, bear-printed linens.

The kitchen table posed like a model for my photos, and when everyone was gone I’d magically pull out a bottle of sparkling wine from the invisible wine cellar and strap on an apron printed with the recipe for “Cochinita Pibil” or “Sopa de Lima,” part of a line of kitchen linens inspired by Mérida.

We discussed mixing and matching, and Gabriela pulled down some examples of fabric swatches, and I pretended I was newly married. Although every fabric is perfect, I still had no problem deciding which patterns and textures work best for my tiny starter home. All things tropical, por favor.

I checked the price tags when Gabriela wasn’t looking, prematurely defeated, then felt the hearts pop out of my eyes like a round-faced emoji when I realized, “Wait! I can afford this!”

After our lingering tour, I grounded myself, purchasing a pillow for my boyfriend and a dish towel for my margarita-lovin’ mama which reads (in Spanish), “When life gives you lemons, order salt and tequila.” I added a duvet cover dotted with classic Mexican “milagritos para el amor” to my mental wish list, and thanked Gabriela.

Leaving the store, I was thrilled, because Mint & Lime creates a socially conscious shopping experience and opens up a new space for supporting Mexican designers and artisans. Before, the shopping options for linens and home decor in Mérida were limited to the big malls, where most products are imported. In only two years, Mint & Lime has swept the country, and this fanatic has no doubt that the brand will be taking over homes world-wide soon.


Av. Andrés García Lavín x Av. Cámara de Comercio
Glorieta “El Pocito”
Col. San Ramón Norte, Mérida
Tel. (999) 948 9662
Instagram:  @mintandlimemx
Facebook: Mint & Lime


Editorial by Amanda Strickland 
Photos by Mint & Lime and Loboluna Producciones for Yucatán Today’s use

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