Alfredo Romero La Sala Gallery Arte Mérida

La Sala Art & Design Gallery is a creative exhibition space located in Santa Ana, Centro Histórico, Mérida. Proprietors Laura García and Alfredo Romero have moved to Mérida from Veracruz to pursue their dream of a gallery which displays and promotes contemporary and conceptual art.

Alfredo is the principal artist whose work is on display. Born in Barcelona, he studied interior architecture, fine arts, and art history. He has worked as a teacher of interior design, window display, and visual arts, and has received numerous awards for his paintings, interiors, art objects, and a documentary film, with exhibits in Spain, México, and elsewhere. In Veracruz he was the “Subdirector de Educación e Investigación Artística del Instituto Veracruzano de Cultura”. Currently his piece “Representación empírica de un hecho existente” will be on display in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as an art competition winner.

Alfredo works in artistic concepts. He interprets a single idea in 30 to 40 pieces, and these pieces form a collection. “I am an artistic investigator,” he says. “I look for unique ways to present materials, paints, and shapes, both real and abstract. Each collection is a project for me, which explains an idea.”

While working at the new gallery and getting to know his new home town, Alfredo is also touring México with his “Ir es volver” (to go is to return) artistic project, which will then tour in Spain. These are small pieces from his private collection; a sort of “collage” of three to four pieces from each of his collections.

Alfredo’s work as an interior designer and furniture designer have been very successful as well. “I seek to create one space inside another,” he says. “I look for the space’s own personality and try to project that in a unique way.”

Laura is the gallery’s host and guide. Originally from Puebla, where the couple met, she shares Alfredo’s love of art and provides visitors with an overview to the work on display, and a cold drink on a hot day. “We chose Mérida for our gallery because it is the cultural center of the peninsula,” says Laura. “Our gallery is called ‘La Sala’ because it is set up as a living room. We feel at home here, and our visitors do too.”

Calle 60 No. 399A x 43 y 45, Centro
Tel. 999 289 3582
10 am – 9 pm


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