La Pitahaya


Hacienda Misné
Calle 19 #172 x 6-B, Fracc. Misné 1
Mérida, Yucatán
Tel. (999) 940 7150 


7 am – 11 pm


Air Conditioned
Alcoholic Beverages
Credit Cards

Dining at a hacienda is always a pleasant experience. The regal surroundings always add a special touch to the meal. La Pitahaya at Hacienda Misné, in Mérida, is where you will find a unique blending of the modern contrasting with a 19th century hacienda.

Inside the main house of the Hacienda you will find the Yucatecan and Fusion cuisine restaurant. In the air conditioned area they have space for 50 pax and in the terrace, that is beside one of the hotels pool they have space for 30 pax. This area it’s ideal for breakfasts or dinners.

Some of the delicious regional dishes are cochinita pibil, poc-chuc, queso relleno, sopa de lima, huevos motuleños for breakfast, etc. and delicious creations as arrachera Valladolid, el plátano relleno, huevos loch, el rollo de mestiza, etc.


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