Are you a chocolate lover? If so, we have the perfect place for you. The magic started in 2002 when Stephanie Verbrugge and Matheiu Bress opened Ki’XOCOLATL. During the pre-Hispanic era some cultures consumed a bitter drink made from cacao, which was reserved for nobles and priests; but don´t worry! Nowadays you can drink it, eat it, and even wear it.


The boutique name Ki’XOCOLATL was chosen to honor the two major pre-Hispanic cultures, which were the ones that dominated the cacao cultivation and transmitted it to the modern man. “Ki” means “delicious” in Maya and “xocolatl” means “chocolate” in Nahuatl.


If you are enjoying a day downtown, it’s a “must” to go and visit Parque Santa Lucía, at the corner of Calle 55 and 60; there you will find this wonderfully delicious boutique. Remember we told you that you would be able to drink, eat and wear chocolate? In the Ki’XOCOLATL store you will find one of the biggest varieties of chocolate products, including chocolate bars with flavors such as Campeche lime with almonds; green tea with cacao; and chocolate shampoo. Can you believe it? This is truly a dream come true for every chocolate lover!


We invite you to check their website where you will find more information about all their different projects, and the most important thing: where you can find all their products…even in Australia! Ki’XOCOLATL is one of the few factories in the world that works directly from the cacao bean; this is because they are involved in the entire process beginning with the planting of the seeds, which assures you of a chocolate of the very best quality. Enjoy!


Glorieta Pocito / Paseo 60 / Plaza Galerías

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