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Once a small Maya village with a main plaza, huge colonial church, and market, Cholul has grown a bit into a bustling village that before we know it, is going to be dubbed the artisans’ village of Yucatán. Why? Because several artists have moved to Cholul, built their homes and studios, and are producing wonderful varied art.

We visited with Katrin Schikora, a native of Germany, who has been living in Yucatán for more than 15 years bringing her fine artistic sensitivity to our lands. Working in high quality ceramic, her specialty is lighting, be it wall sconces, table lamps, or mood lighting. Working with architects, interior decorators, and designers, her hand-made ceramics dress homes and hotels in Mérida, Cancún, Akumal, Playa del Carmen and Jamaica. When she does a hotel, she can do up to 1,000 pieces.

Katrin has a wonderful studio in Cholul where you can visit her showroom and see her workshop, kiln and gardens. She has her own line of lamps and makes it a point to have stock, so in most cases you can take your purchased pieces with you. The day we visited, we bought six wall sconces for our beach home. Katrin also does her own personal work and commissions which include mirrors, frames, and her sculpture pieces that are unique, original and very artistic. She is always coming up with new designs.

You can visit her studio to see her production and catalog or check it out online. She can send her catalog via e-mail in PDF format. And for more good news – Katrin can ship worldwide – a definite plus.

Some words from Katrin: All our ceramic lights are produced with stoneware clay from Zacatecas, combined with white and red ceramic paste, fired up to 1080º C (1976ºF) to ensure 100% resistance against humidity, UV rays and other chemical environmental factors. Our production processes are entirely by hand, with a special emphasis on the quality of our finishes and the constant renewal of our designs. We welcome our clients’ suggestions concerning changes of designs, finishes, and colors, in order to be able to meet their specific lighting needs.

For information on the whole range of her products, like exclusive artwork, sculpture, and ceramic murals, as well as for her most recent price list, please contact Katrin. Discounts apply from 20 pieces of the same design.

To get to Cholul, you can either drive out there in your personal or rental car, or take a taxi to the village and then a trici-taxi to her home/studio. Visit her website to see the driving directions. You might want to call first.
Tel. 921-5127
Cel. 999-995-3769

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