“Jardín Ochil” at Hacienda San Pedro Ochil is a new space where contemporary artwork and artistic actions are exposed, expressing the reflections of artists who think about the land, the history, the problems, and the day-to-day work of the communities in the Yucatán Peninsula.

The “Jardín Ochil” season started in April and will run until November 2017, with the art installation of “Urdinedo Ritmos” and “En El Silencio Nunca hay Silencio” by artists Marilá Dardot (Brazil, 1973) and Héctor Zamora (México, 1974).

Marilá Dardot is an artist whose work is centered in the relationships among people and society. Her pieces promote participation by the public to generate a structural change in the work that creates collaboration. She has created projects for Inhotim, Brazil; Konst Center for Art and Education, Switzerland; and for Frieze Sculpture Park, London; among others.

In her installation “En el Silencio Nunca hay Silencio,” (in silence there is never silence) a potter from Ticul worked with her to create some clay letters to provoke thought about the noise that every language produces in the mind, no matter which one it is. The main theme is language, from the fundamentals that created their origin, such as interwoven actions and collective emotions; and the main piece serves as an link between cultures; a conversations network.

Héctor Zamora, throughout his career, has been asking himself about the techniques and practices of workers and artisans, as well as the spaces of coexistence that are created because of their work. His art has been exhibited at the Venice Biennial, at the Palais in Tokyo, and the Havana Biennial, among others. His installation “Urdiendo Ritmos” (weaving rhythms) mainly explores the technology developed by artisans to produce their fibers, dyes, and the weaving of the thread that comes from the fiber of the sansevieria, an African plant that has been used in Yucatán since the 20th century. The hammock weavers from three different Yucatecan communities dyed and wove the sansevieria fiber for the pieces that Zamora created.

From this collaboration a rich dialogue evolves, with a weaving of understanding among all the participants: spinners from Tankuché, Campeche; weavers from Santa Rosa, San Antonio Millet and Yaxunah, Yucatán; potters from Ticul, Yucatán; Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation; Private Haciendas, and Catherwood Travels.

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