Centro Cultural IzamalIzamal, the yellow city that is one of Mexico’s 17 Magical Towns (Pueblos Mágicos) has something new to boast about – the Centro Cultural y Artesanal that was inaugurated on March 23, 2007.

Conveniently located right across from the Main Square near the Convent, this new Centro Cultural is something Izamal has needed for some time. And thanks to Grupo Plan and their vision of promoting the artisans and handcrafts of the region and Mexico as a whole through the Fomento Cultural Banamex (www.fundacionhaciendas.com), you will find eleven rooms of incredible, breathtaking handcrafts from all over Mexico, a shop with many finer crafts, a café, and their new spa. This space was founded with the intent of helping the rural artisans promote and sell their goods.

Stone, paper, clay, wood, silver, textiles, vegetable fibers and bullhorn are the mediums in which the incredible crafts are worked.

Hand-embroidered cross stitched huipiles and hand towels, silver filigree necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches, bullhorn picture frames, letter openers and miniature boxes, chairs and hair combs, fiber or crocheted hammocks, sisal handbags, pillows and more are some of the finer things you will see in the shop.

To visit the permanent collection Grandes Maestros del Arte Popular Mexicano (the Grand Masters of Popular Mexican Art) at the Centro Cultural is to take a whirlwind trip throughout Mexico! Throughout the museum you will find explanations in English and Spanish about the crafts.

The building that houses this Cultural Center is a colonial one that once housed the local ice cream parlor and popsicle shop. Frescos on the walls and arches between the second and third rooms pay homage to this point in the house’s life. There is also a café and a spa where the Izamal therapists do wonders on your feet, back and body in general. The center courtyard of the building is the perfect spot for the café, and is also available for private events. The palm trees offer shade and the stonework floor is magnificent.

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It’s easy to go by car. Take the Cuota road toward Cancún, and exit at km. 48 towards Izamal. The trip takes 45 minutes. Or go by bus, the station is at Calle 67 between 50 and 52, with departures every hour. The cost of the ticket is $31 pesos one way, $62 pesos roundtrip. Also you can take a van on Calle 65 between 52 and 54.

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