Without a doubt, an emblematic figure in Mérida since 1907 is Sorbetería Colón, which continues to captivate visitors and locals with its delicious ice cream, in various locations around town.

This famous ice cream parlor was born when its founder, Vicente Rodríguez, brought the ice cream and sweets recipes to Mérida from his native Spain.


Today, his grandchildren operate all the branches, keeping the recipes secret which have continued to draw people in for more than 100 years.


Due to the unquestionable success of the very unique flavors of this ice cream, the Rodríguez family has opened five branches in Mérida, and that city is the only place you will find them; they are nowhere else in the state of Yucatán nor anywhere else in the world. The original location opened in the Centro Histórico in 1907, the second one is on Paseo de Montejo, and in later years branches were opened in Xcumpich, Gran Plaza and Plaza Dorada.


If you go to the branch in Centro Histórico, you will find that it is a small, pleasant location under the arches facing the Plaza Grande. Located on Calle 61 x 60 y 62, beside the Palacio de Gobierno, this cozy ice cream parlor is waiting for you to enjoy a refreshing treat while contemplating life around the zócalo (main square). The Paseo de Montejo branch, between Calle 39 and 41, has a roofed area and an open-air area right on the sidewalk; here you can be a part of all the activity on this beautiful avenue.


You can order a Sorbete (a scoop of ice cream) or a Champola (a scoop of ice cream with milk, like a milkshake but without blending), both made from fresh fruit. These ice creams are water-based, and among the favorites are coconut, mamey, guanábana, and mango. Coconut is the absolute favorite, and for this reason, it is made in its own machine exclusively dedicated to this flavor, as its procedure is different from the rest.


In spite of the fact that the exact ingredients and quantities of each flavor is not common knowledge, there is one flavor whose ingredients are shared; Sr. Vicente created it many years ago and people are always asking what’s in it before ordering: Crema de Morisca (Moorish): it is the only flavor which is milk-based, and it also has “ate” (guayaba paste), vanilla, cinnamon, sweetened egg yolk, and rum.


Your visit will definitely not be complete without enjoying a dish of ice cream at Sorbetería Colón. Try it, and let us know which is your favorite!


Dulcería y Sorbetería Colón
  • Sucursal Centro: Calle 61 entre 60 y 62, Centro
  • Sucursal Paseo de Montejo: Paseo de Montejo esquina Calle 39
  • Plaza Dorada
  • La Gran Plaza
  • Xcumpich


Photos by Amanda Strickland and Sobetería Colón for Yucatán Today’s use.


Published: June 10, 2015. Updated: Sptember 9, 2022.

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