Let’s not pretend. This isn’t how any of us imagined 2020 was going to play out. We never expected to be stuck on our sofas for the protection of society. But here we are. When life throws you a curveball, don’t make lemonade (yes, I’m mixing my proverbs, blame the margaritas) instead, support local businesses and order in.


All joking aside, behind our restaurants are such very dedicated, scared people, wondering how they’ll survive this crisis. They have put years of hard work into their businesses and now, more than ever, they need our support. It’s weird thinking of restaurants needing us but I assure you they do. Good to know that when you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to cook, you’re actually doing good by ordering take-away, right?


Monique’s Bakery y Café de Alta Nutrición

Monique’s Bakery - pan de masa madre con vegetales

Monique’s Bakery moved to pick-up and delivery-only service right at the beginning of the crisis. The staff currently live onsite to ensure they remain virus-free whilst providing their famously healthy food. The restaurant menu is available, as is the selection of fresh-baked sourdough bread, pizza bases (for do-it-yourself pizza nights), kombucha, kefir, and more. I love starting my day with coffee, Monique’s sourdough, and a glass of kombucha; this sets me up perfectly for my days of keeping my family and myself healthy. Follow on Facebook to see what’s available and order via WhatsApp.

Pick-up address: Calle 79 #191-A x 36 y 38, Col. Montes de Amé
WhatsApp: 9999 70 03 94
FB: Monique’s Bakery y Cafetería de Alta Nutrición


La Bierhaus Norte

La Bierhaus - salchichas

Always a firm favorite of mine for a late-night beer and potato salad combo. I was thrilled to realize that Covid-19 wasn’t going to get in the way of that. La Bierhaus is offering a special pick-up menu as well as its regular menu. We opted for our favorite Weisswurst (white sausage) with pretzels and potato salad and paired it all with beers we stashed away before Mérida went dry. Almost like old times! For pick up or delivery via Rappi.

Pick-up address: Calle 23 #93 x 18 y 20, Col. México
Tel: (999) 286 8022
FB: La Bierhaus
Open daily 1 pm – 8 pm


Jichan’s Kitchen [Closed]

Jichan's Kitchens - tetera

Jichan’s Kitchen is the provider of the most delicious and authentic Japanese food I’ve ever had in México. I am a big fan and was relieved to hear that I wouldn’t be deprived of my Japanese “fix” – times are already hard enough! Jichan’s Kitchen is offering a once a week delivery/pick-up service so from now on, Wednesday is to be known as Jichansday, okay? Follow on Facebook or send a WhatsApp message to get the super-secret menu (haha) and discover what your options are.

Pick-up address: Calle 23 #205 x 30 y 28, Fracc. La Florida
Tel. 999 749 8810
FB: Jichan’s Kitchen


Miyabi Express

Miyabi Express - sushi

While their sit-down restaurants have closed their doors for the pandemic, Miyabi Express remains open providing sushi for the people of Mérida. Order on the phone and then head over to pay and pick up your food or order through WhatsApp and have your meal delivered. I have to admit that our pandemic sushi was fabulous and it made us feel “normal” that we were able to enjoy our favorite treat food.

Pick-up address: Av. Andrés García Lavín x 55, San Antonio Cucul
Tel. 999 481 9724
WhatsApp 9993 04 24 30
FB: Miyabi


Distrito Vegano

Distrito Vegano - hamburguesa

Order your frozen vegan meals from Distrito Vegano during the week for delivery on Saturday. You’ll need to check out their Facebook page to find out what’s being offered.  When I ordered the options were burgers, Alfredo-style pasta, and a couple of dessert choices that I’m afraid we didn’t indulge in due to the excessive amount of baking going on in my house. Per event.

Tel. 999 331 7333
FB: Distrito Vegano




Editorial by Cassie Pearse
Freelance writer and blogger, born in the UK. Cassie has a BA from Oxford University and an MA from SOAS, University of London. She lives in Mérida and loves exploring Yucatán with her family.




Photography by Cassie Pearse for its use in Yucatán Today.

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