Now that you have read the cover story about the picturesque town of San Felipe, we’d like to tell you about a place where you can stay during your visit there. As with many others, the hotel owners’ favorite town on the Yucatecan coast is San Felipe. So, when the time came to think about the day when they would retire from professional life, they thought of the place where they would love to spend their future years: San Felipe, their favorite port, a peaceful, safe place.

With a great deal of effort and hard work by the family, the construction of a beach house was begun. They were not thinking of a business, just a private home. But as time passed, they realized that they would not be living there full time, so they decided to build a separate section that they would be able to rent during popular seasons and when the family was not there. With this in mind, a rumor began in the town, saying that a hotel was being built! Then the authorities approached the family and encouraged the owners to really build a hotel and to operate it. This is how, in 1997, the Hotel San Felipe de Jesús opened its doors, managed by the owners, offering 30 rooms with all the basic amenities, most of which are suites.

Be sure to notice the hotel’s original decor, with the particular touch of the owner’s husband: he painted all of the paintings that are on the walls. If you are lucky, you will see him painting during your stay, and of course if you like one you can buy it and take it back home with you! Or you can even order something special for yourself. Make sure to talk with him; you will be delighted by his stories about Maya culture, legends, and the history of the town and other parts of the peninsula.

San Felipe is a place to relax and enjoy the beauty and nature of the area. The hotel is located by the sea, right at the beginning of the Ria. So now you know: if you want to spend a few days in contact with nature, come stay at the Hotel San Felipe de Jesús!

Hotel San Felipe de Jesús
Calle 9-A x 14 y 16, San Felipe
Tel. (986) 862 2027

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