Hotel Caribe

Calle 59 #500 x 60, Centro, inside Parque Hidalgo
Tel. (999) 924 9022
Toll free Canada/USA 1 888 822 6431
[email protected]

In the heart of Mérida’s Centro Histórico is a hotel gem with a fascinating history. Housed in a beautiful 17th C. building in a corner of one of the city’s prettiest plazas, Parque Hidalgo, the hotel opened in November 1955 with 32 rooms on two floors. Today it has 53 rooms on three floors, with a pool on the top and a spectacular view.

The building was originally the seminary of the Diocese of Yucatán, then it was the Catholic school San Ildefonso. Later it was an astronomical and meteorolgical observatory, and finally it was converted into the Hotel Caribe, 60 years ago, by Don Enrique Torre Ayora. Little did he know that five years later his life would be cut short by a fatal heart attack, and that his 18-year-old son Jorge Torre Loría would be thrown into the management of the hotel. Don Jorge has operated the hotel ever since.

In September of 2014 the hotel was sold and the new owners are very proud of its long history. They will invest substantially in it, providing all the amenities of modern hotels, while preserving its traditional flavor. Some of the employees have been there since the day it opened 60 years ago, and Don Jorge will always be in the minds of those who work there.

Guests enjoy the warm, caring service provided by devoted staff who are treated as family by the hotel owners. For a special treat, whether a guest of the hotel or not, come to the Restaurant-Bar “El Rincón” and listen to the famous trova trio “Los Tres Yucatecos” every day except Sunday, from 12 to 1 pm, while enjoying delicious Yucatecan cuisine. You will feel as if you have gone back in time to an era when the Hotel Caribe was one of the first hotels in the city of Mérida.


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