Throughout history, linen has always represented elegance. In ancient Egypt, it was employed for mummification and burial shrouds because it symbolized lightness, purity, and wealth. At one point, the fabric was so valued that it was used as currency. Today, in Yucatán, it is utilized to create traditional clothing such as the emblematic Guayabera, a lightweight shirt popular in tropical climates and typically used for special occasions. When an event arises, taking a little piece of this culture into our celebrations is quintessential. Though many apparel companies design these iconic pieces, the Yucatecan brand Ábito, has truly mastered the art of linen.

Ábito began as a university project created by founder Gustavo Millet. 20 years later, they have 19 boutiques around the country. They specialize in 100% linen clothing and pride themselves in producing all of their items in Yucatán. The authenticity and attention to detail is evident in each of their collections, season after season.

Besides the established Guayabera, Ábito creates other men’s, women’s, and children’s linen garments. What brings all of them together is that tropical and graceful touch that makes you want to wear one of their creations whilst sipping on a cocktail, feeling oh-so-fresh. Keep in mind while wearing linen that the wrinkling of the fabric is not only normal, but essential to the piece – elegance itself is imperfect.

Ábito is poise and tradition preserved; however, it’s also about pushing the boundaries a bit and this boldness is a trademark of their items. You will see this clearly in the details of each of their designs, such as in the embroidery, buttons, or thread.

Their newest boutique, located in Paseo 60, emphasizes the company’s passion for all things linen (for starters, the walls are covered in the fabric). And as is to be expected, since Ábito is one of the leading faces of sumptuous, linen clothing, you’ll find an array of garments. This includes their recently added section “Mediterranea,” which offers looser-fitting attire in an effort to provide greater comfort while keeping their usual sophisticated flair.

Culture is not static, and this brand plans on growing alongside it. They aren’t afraid of carrying a bit of tradition wherever they go and taking the art of linen even further. Who knows? Maybe turning it back into currency is in the works.


Editorial by Greta Garrett
Photography by Ábito

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