These times we’re living in, are without a doubt, something new to us all. The COVID-19 pandemic has left us fearful and full of uncertainty. However, the arrival of coronavirus to Yucatecan lands has also brought an endless stream of kindness, love, and solidarity among the inhabitants of the region who are willing to help those in need.

Yucatán is a united people that acts to help others. Because of what we’re experiencing in our state, México, and around the world, we want to lift your spirits by telling you four stories about caring families and friends that are willing to do their best to support those who need it the very most right now.

Cooking with love for our neighbors

26-year-old Fatima was let go of her cooking job at a restaurant because of the outbreak. She then began to help her in-laws at the Cocina Económica “Mi Casita,”  located in Mérida’s Centro. One day, her mother-in-law Elsi decided to hand out food to those in need. That’s how they got started and now they won’t stop. From Monday to Friday they host 10 to 15 people who stop by for a free meal. Fátima’s family wants to keep helping, so they are asking for donations of food and coal so that they can continue. They would be overjoyed to keep on contributing with this altruistic feat. You can find them at Calle 89-A #499-H x 58 y 60, Centro. Fátima’s phone number is 9995 92 28 72.

Heart to Heart

“An exchange from heart to heart,” is how husband and wife team Carlos de Jesús Andrade Lara and Juanita del Socorro feel about their work fighting against addiction and hunger. Some time ago, Carlos received help and now wants to give back to those in need, from heart to heart. With food donations from their neighbors and shopping they do themselves, Carlos and Juanita jump on the motorcycle they’ve adapted to take food and groceries to Mérida’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. On two wheels, they have also transported contributions to other municipalities such as Kanasín, Opichén, and Ucú. If you want to help out and donate, contact them at 9993 50 42 96.

Coming together to help

They have known each other for quite some time, but now life has brought them back together. A group of former students, who prefer to remain anonymous, attended the primary school Escuela Juan Crisóstomo Cano y Cano in Colonia Alemán over 40 years ago. Some time ago, they created a Whatsapp group to get back in touch. They are happy to be in each other’s lives after so long. During this time, they have joined forces to help families in need in Fraccionamiento San José Dzal. First, they figured out what they needed, bought groceries, and even got a second-hand fridge. Now, they plan to gather sheeting and tarps so that these families’ houses are better protected. These situations can truly bring out the best in us; let’s not forget it. Thank you for this initiative, my friends!

Food for “The Invisible”

The writer Eduardo Galeano called them “The Invisible Ones.” They are the people all over the world that, due to their lack of financial resources, are so often overlooked. During this time when we “stay home,” they have no choice because they live on the street. That’s why Claudia Bolio and Claudia Cantón formed a group of tireless and loving people called “Cooking with Love.” They have been busy at work cooking, preparing groceries, and handing out supplies to individuals that live on the streets of Mérida. These are mostly men living in extreme poverty, usually with some form of mental illness. The group gives them a meal every night and invites you to join them by donating or accompanying them on their evening deliveries. You can contact them at 9993 60 00 90 and 9992 24 87 40. 

By Cecilia García Olivieri

Photography by Leslie Santos Bonilla

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