A step back in time to visit an old hacienda? Shop for a hammock with vibrant colors hand-made by regional artisans? Or breakfast on “mondongo” in the mercado? Of course, we are talking about some of the things you can do when you visit the town of Tixkokob (“place of the snakes” in Maya).


Only 25 km from Mérida, you can get there by driving east on the Periférico and taking the exit toward Tixkokob. This city contains some of the most important moments in the history of Yucatán, especially from the “Green Gold” era (henequén).


Full of Colors, Natural Beauty and Amazing Architecture!

Tixkokob IglesiaIt is full of colors, natural beauty and amazing architecture. Visit the main park surrounded by low walls, with its typical central kiosk. Beside it you will find the city hall and the main church dedicated to San Antonio. Don’t miss the ex-convent of San Bernardino built in 1591 and the old train station. Tixkokob is also connected to the peninsula’s chain of cenotes.


In the municipal mercado you can enjoy all kinds of traditional food, “antojitos,” and the huge variety of tastes that are typical of Yucatán’s markets. If you love to taste food from the areas that you visit, try getting some energy with a piping hot “mondongo”, a delicious “relleno negro,” or maybe a plate of “poc chuc”, all of them freshly home made.



Solid or Mixed Vibrant Hammocks

The history of Tixkokob is connected to the manufacture of hammocks. From the town entrance to the mercado you will find every type of hammock, cotton or nylon, as a swing or for sleeping, with solid or mixed vibrant colors. Also look for the local woven chairs of different sizes and styles. As an inheritance of a great tradition, the artisans have looms in their homes to weave the hammocks in the traditional way. Here nobody sleeps in beds, believe me! Don’t forget to ask an artisan if he or she could show you how they are woven; you will be amazed by their dexterity and speed.


Expand your visit

Ake henequenYou can also visit other attractions in the area such as haciendas Kanyunyún, Nohchán, San José, San Antonio Millet, and Santa María Chí, each with its own unique story and buildings which have witnessed many decades.


At one time they were cattle ranches, and then they were part of the henequén boom. Today some of them are hotels or touristic attractions. If you love photography, you will find many amazing places to shoot.


Another must in Tixkokob is Aké, only 8 km toward Tahmek. It has an archaeological site known for its columns and esplanades, and an antique hacienda (also named Aké) that is still producing henequén. You will be able to visit the main building of the hacienda, the chapel, and magnificent salons. Because it is a factory that still produces sisal fiber, you will be able to observe the different stages of production, from the drying of the fiber that was extracted from the plant, to the process of creating threads of different thickness and size: such a great experience! Also you will be able to play with the deer in the hacienda’s farm.



Editorial by Violeta H. Cantarell
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