Unique music in a dreamy setting. Prepare to enjoy the sixth concert season of Chamber Music Merida at Hacienda Xcanatún. This chamber music cycle has been known for taking new, fresh paths, with new musicians joining from the Yucatán Symphony Orchestra. There are now 13 different groups performing!

Each one of the concerts has been planned to surprise and delight you, each one more than the one before. They will range from baroque to The Beatles, from brass instruments to 16th century instruments, all a great experience. Also the Yucatecan soprano, Julia Arcudia, will be singing; we think you will fall in love with her voice.

The Chamber Music Merida concerts are held exclusively at the beautiful Hacienda Xcanatún, the perfect stage. One of the advantages of attending the presentations at this hacienda is that you become an essential part of the performances, feeling almost as if you were one of the chamber members, being in such an intimate space. As Dr. Leroy Osman says, “now you have a front row seat!”

During the upcoming season, two invited guests will be performing: Professor Will Strieder, famous trumpeter, who has performed several times with the UADY orchestra, and Dr. Keith Thorp, well known harpsichordist who will bring 16th century instruments that form a part of his own personal collection.

So now you know…if you want a magical night listening to some excellent musicians from the Yucatán Symphony Orchestra, we put some of these dates in your calendar, and remember to buy your tickets in advance.

January 12: 
Flute, viola and string bass
January 19
: Soprano, guitar and piano
February 1 & 2: Brass trio
February 15 & 16: 
Barroco Escarlata (scarlet baroque)
March 8 & 9
: Music of The Beatles
March 22 & 23
: Orpheus Quartet
April 13: Harpsichord
May 18:
 Harp and soloists

Price: $200 pesos per person.

Thanks to Dr. Leroy Osman for his contribution to the information in this article.

More information:

Hacienda Xcanatún
Carretera Mérida – Progreso, Km 12
Tel. (999) 930 2140

By Natalia Bejarano Calero

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