Hacienda TemozónThe Restaurant:

Red snapper al mango, tuna marinated in annatto, fresh salmon in sesame seed crust, coco shrimp, Yucatecan rib-eye, fillet with foie gras, healthy grilled veggies, prickly pear with feta cheese and cilantro, portobello mushroom steak, and leek and potato soup are some of the new, tantalizing options on the Hacienda Temozon Sur restaurant menu.

Add these to the traditional Yucatecan dishes of lime soup, stuffed Edam cheese, roasted suckling pig, Valladolid sausage, and grilled marinated pork skirt steak and you have something for everyone – international and Yucatecan cuisine.

Executive chef Christian Bravo Colmenero is the wonder that has brought all these new flavors and presentations to the dining rooms of the five Starwood Hotels & Resorts – Santa Rosa and San Jose Cholul in the state of Yucatán, and Uayamon and Puerto Campeche in the neighboring state of Campeche (about 2 hours west), plus Temozon Sur. These haciendas are the most luxurious accommodations in the Yucatán.

The setting at the Hacienda Temozon is so relaxing and magnificent that between a peaceful, elegant setting and a menu of wonderful food, your dining experience is sure to be a highlight of your trip to the Yucatán. Buen provecho!

Reservations are obligatory – if the hacienda is full, or there is a wedding or other event, the restaurant is not open to the public for privacy at the event. Please call 923 8089.

Hacienda Temozon SurThe Spa:

Let the wisdom and energy of the Maya land energize your senses. Release your tension; purify yourself both emotionally and spiritually as the Maya masseuses at Hacienda Temozon do their magic on you.

Ancient Maya masseuses were called sobadoras or bone healers, as they rubbed and kneaded away people’s aches and pains. In just one more of the hacienda’s programs of working with the locals and helping them to find sustainability for their families, the spas at the haciendas are run by Maya who bring their wisdom and traditions to their guests.

The massage treatments offered at Hacienda Temozon include: Maya Massage, Aloe Vera Massage, Sobada Massage, Relaxing Massage, Anti-Stress Massage, Yin & Yang Massage, Foot Massage, Feet & Leg Tension Relief, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Shoulder, Back & Neck Massage, Seaweed Wrap, Clay Body Wrap, Aromatherapy Body Scrub, Luxury Body Scrub, Hol-Be Body Scrub, The Veil of the Bride, Luxury Facial, and the Imperial Facial.

The different massages are designed to do different things – they each have their own special properties and purposes. These include: deep relaxation, nurture and heal sunburned skin, loosen and soothe tight muscles, recover tranquility and lost energy, achieve balance and harmony, activate energy channels, prevent or liberate muscle pain, relieve deep or chronic tension, detoxify and revitalize your whole being, remove dead skin cells, and nurture and hydrate your skin. Many of these massages are just what the doctor ordered after a day spent at the pyramids and traipsing around Yucatán in our tropical climate.

For your spa treatment you can choose between the spa in the ancient hacienda building, or the cool, refreshing cenote that is located on the property. Cenotes are natural, crystalline clear water pools in caves. Candlelight, flower petals and a variety of enticing aromas make the spa setting a relaxing and inviting one.

The restaurant and spa are open to the hacienda’s guests by reservation. If you are not a guest and wish to have a massage please contact the Hacienda before your visit by calling 923 8089. To get there, drive south toward Muna on Highway 261. At the 182 Kilometer marker, you’ll see the left turn signs towards Hacienda Temozon Sur. Visit www.thehaciendas.com

Hacienda Temozón Sur
Km 182 Mérida-Muna Highway
Tel. (999) 923 8089

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