With construction dating from the 17th century, it has evolved through time from a Franciscan monastery to a henequén hacienda in the 19th century; finally becoming a gorgeous hotel today with its own character and personality, an ideal place for all kinds of travellers. It has a privileged location; only 10 kilometers from Mérida’s International Airport, 13 kilometers from Mérida Centro, and very close to many different tourist destinations including archaeological sites, cenotes, historical landmarks, and much more.

The hotel is set on six hectares of land, with 25 luxury rooms and suites, as well as spacious and beautiful gardens, a specialized restaurant, an outdoor cafeteria, spa, chapel, two pools, an artificial cenote, and parking. You will also find amazing facilities for; wouldn’t you love to have your wedding in this beautiful setting?

hacienda-santa-cruz-8-portadaThe hacienda still has the original distribution of buildings, including the main house, the machine room, and the beautiful chapel, that embellishes our magazine cover this month.

If you love architecture, you will be delighted by the perfect harmony between the refinement of the colonial architecture and the 21st century comfort. It’s without doubt a dream place where the traditional meets the contemporary, and make a perfect match.

A mandatory stop while you are visiting Hacienda Santa Cruz is to have a meal at the exquisite, beautiful Valentina Restaurant. The chef recovers, conserves, and applies all the traditions and customs in each one of the dishes, simply delicious!

The hacienda is open to the public and you can visit it every day from 7 am to 10 pm. Remember to ask about its excellent promotions.

Hacienda Santa Cruz
Calle 86 s/n, salida 2 Dzununcán, Santa Cruz Palomeque
Tels. (999) 254 0541 / (999) 611 9233
FB: Hacienda Santa Cruz

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