Ancient gardens full of life, a pool that invites you into its beauty, ample guest rooms with colonial style Mexican details, food that’s prepared with ingredients grown on the premises of the hacienda, massages that honor the Maya traditions, as well as kind and attentive service, are only a few of the experiences that you’ll have during your stay at the boutique hotel Hacienda Chichén.


Located near the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá, wonder of the world, it has 30 rooms, each a separate cabana. It has been managed for four generations under the philosophy that promotes sustainable and ecological activity, pioneering such practices as biodigestors, water separation, saltwater pool, as well as the use of Maya herbs in the spa, earning many international awards for the hotel.


Global organizations such as National Geographic and Green Leaders acknowledged the hotel as an eco-cultural destination and as a leader in sustainable tourism for their innovative practices, which they have been implementing for many decades.


From the moment of my arrival, I experienced a unique atmosphere, attended by a staff proud to be sharing and taking care of their roots. Vast vegetation and animal life inhabits the lands, and are fully respected. A wide path leads you to the 500-year-old church, ideal for weddings. The Maya Zumpul-ché (temazcal), available for ceremonies and offerings, completes the hacienda’s mysticism.


The smile and generosity of each of the people who integrate this big family make your stay a personalized experience. Wandering through this hacienda is to discover, as the first explorers who discovered Chichén Itzá, wonders in the grand variety of trees and animals that made a home in this place. If you run into an animal, don’t be afraid, let the Front Desk know, and rest assured that every one of them is always treated with care. Book the bird watching tour and learn about the over 157 species.


The food stands out thanks to the fusion of Maya flavors and fresh ingredients harvested every morning by the chef. It includes a vegetarian and vegan menu. The bread is homemade and the “sopa de lima,” is simply the best. Listen to “trova” sung in Maya during your dinner.


A trio of “trovadores” will surprise you at night, singing in Maya and Spanish. You can also book group cooking lessons, romantic dinners, and cultural gatherings in advance.


Sleeping with the sounds of the jungle and waking up to the murmur of birds will make you feel alive. You can access Chichén Itzá directly through the hacienda’s gardens with your entry tickets and wander through the site with tranquility. Can you imagine watching the sunrise just like the Maya did? Ask for the guided tour for groups, minimum 6 people, from 6 to 8 am.


The award-winning Yaxkin Spa (“green sun”) offers massages and Maya body treatments with herbs, honey, aloe vera, chocolate, and corn. I felt completely revitalized after my massage. Pampered from head to toe like never before, I bid farewell with the certainty that you always return to the places where you have been happy.


Don’t forget to visit their gift store, you’ll find Mexican handcrafts, clothing, and accessories. You’ll also be contributing to the hacienda’s In Láakeech Foundation, which works with local women and children.


Hacienda Chichén Resort & Yaxkin Spa
Carretera Mérida – Puerto Juárez Km 120, Zona Hotelera de Chichen Itzá
Tel. (999) 920 8407
[email protected]
FB: Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa
IG: @haciendachichen

Activities and tours with reservation. Pet-friendly.

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Fotografía por Violeta H. Cantarell y Hacienda Chichén para uso en Yucatán Today

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