Habitec is dedicated to providing the best solutions for your energy efficiency needs, offering the highest quality products designed to last 25+ years with the lowest environmental impact. They provide complete service including post-sale follow-ups to ensure customer satisfaction, and their sales personnel speak English. With solar panels for your home or business, you can save more than 80% of your electricity bill. Based on your needs, they design a plan that best solves your problems, minimizing your consumption on your light bills.

The interconnected system consists of solar panels and an inverter. With a simple installation in the house or business these are connected to CFE’s power supply.

Because of the energy produced by the solar panels and the interconnection contract with CFE, your home or business can take advantage of 100% of the energy produced; and if it’s not needed, it is sent back to the network and a credit is applied to your account for future use.

This is a more efficient and less costly system because it does not require batteries or charge controllers that isolated systems rely on.

The solar panels convert solar energy into electricity for your home or business; this energy is sent directly to the inverter. The quantity of panels depends on how much energy needs to be produced. They require zero maintenance and have a 25 year warranty.

The inverter converts the direct current from the solar panels into alternating current, which goes directly to your home or business. The unused energy is returned to the CFE network. The inverter features German technology, and has a 10 year warranty.

These installations not only help you save money, but they are also helpful to the environment. Habitec’s systems help to reduce enviromental impact, create self-generating clean energy and build a more ecologically-conscious society.

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