G Candila Guayaberas

G Candila Guayaberas

The accompanying photo is of an elegant Yucatecan gentleman wearing a guayabera, a unique garment, symbol of elegance and etiquette for the Latin American culture. In Yucatán it had its origins at the beginning of the 20th century, when the inhabitants of the region needed to dress in a garment with greater comfort, without losing elegance.

Due to the quality of its stitching and unique design, its tucks, open embroidery, and excellent handwork, the linen and cotton guayaberas became the ideal garments for our warm and tropical climates.

For more than 100 years, presidents and many celebrities have worn the guayabera as a formal garment, whether strolling on the malecón, going to a baptism, or even attending a wedding in an elegant hacienda. It is worth noting that the use of the guayabera has become popular with a younger generation, including children and even women, known as a premier garment of elegance and good taste.

There are guayaberas in a wide variety of colors, from the basic white, sky blue, and beige, to the more modern dark and pastel colors. With the passing of time, and changing tastes of its clients, Guayaberas G. Candila have been innovators, creating a variety of designs. The Filipino model, with two or four pockets, has tucks on the front; and the embroidered Cancumisas line, the epitome of stylized shirts with guayabera details, was specifically created with comfort and elegance in mind.

Wolf Company is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of the authentic Yucatecan guayabera, along with their unique line of Cancumisas. The designs of the garments, regardless of where they are worn, are literally a “lifestyle”; innovative and diverse, due to the variety of colors available. Their brands are symbols of elegance and comfort in unique designs.

Their Guayabera transmits elegance, and their Cancumisa invites relaxation. With these two lines they define their market and their brands; no matter where they are found, they are a determining factor to enjoy and make life into a long weekend.

The brands: Cancumisa, G.Candila, Guayabera.mx, G.Candila Kids.
The stores: Fiesta Americana Hotel (9 am – 10 pm); Calle 60 No. 480 x 55 y 57 Centro (8.30 am – 9.30 pm); Plaza Dorada (10 am – 9 pm).

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