With an unknown origin but with lots of history, the guayabera has long been an essential part of men’s wardrobes in the tropics, popular in Yucatán since the end of the 19th century. This masculine garment is a shirt with pleats and buttons, which has survived the passing of time, becoming one of the most popular shirts worn by gentlemen.

For this reason, and to celebrate Day of the Guayabera on March 21, we would like to tell you about G. Candila Guayaberas. For this company, the guayabera is by excellence the garment that reflects the wealth of Mexican culture, transmitting through its fine details the passion for the unique and handcrafted work.

The Yucatecan guayabera enjoys well-deserved world fame, for Yucatán has been one of its main promoters, perfecting it and redesigning it. You will often see it worn at parties and events, during the hot season, but it has also become an ideal garment for daily wear.

The guayabera is a symbol of elegance and etiquette in Latin American culture.

Within their 13 lines of clothing, G. Candila has created a unique product known as the Cancumisa, a casual and contemporary shirt with guayabera details. If you are looking for a fresh and ideal piece of clothing for your visit to Yucatán, now you know where to go. But the guayabera isn’t just a product for men, you can also find it for women and children, so the whole family can wear this iconic piece.


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