Soccer for almost every Mexican is more than a sport, it’s a passion. That’s why we want to tell you about the soccer team that represents Yucatán in the Mexican league “Ascenso MX.” Of course we are talking about the Venados Fútbol Club. Interestingly for us at Yucatán Today, the club was founded in the same year as our magazine, in 1988. So in 2018 we both will be celebrating our 30th anniversary! A nice coincidence!


The team colors, based on the state of Yucatán’s coat of arms, represent: the golden of our sun and the richness of Yucatecan culture; the green from our lands and henequén; and of course the deer, a traditional animal on the Peninsula.


The Venados home is the Carlos Iturralde Rivero stadium, affectionately known as the “Iturralde.” The stadium was named in honor of the only Yucatecan who has worn the Mexican national team “Selección Nacional” jersey.


A visit to the “Iturralde” is something that you can’t miss if you are a soccer fan. As you look around the grandstands, you’ll notice two big groups of fans, known as “Ultrasol” and “La Banda del Ciervo,” (the deer club). When you listen to their cheers you’ll feel the affection they have for their jersey, or as they say, for their “skin.”


“En el Carlos Iturralde hay una banda loca muy descontrolada, es la banda de la Ultra la que va de frente y nunca pierde nada… y ¡vamos Venados!” (Ultrasol, fans song)


Buying your tickets is easy: go to the Venados website and click on the “boletos” tab; ticket prices range from $60 pesos to $140 pesos. If you prefer, you can always buy tickets at the stadium ticket booth. So there are no excuses, it’s an activity for everyone!


¡Vamos Venados!




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