Passion is what someone needs to go through life finding joy in every step taken; whether it is to the front, backwards, left or right, every step counts.

We are happy to announce that Global Sorority has arrived in town and created links with Mexico that will grow as we develop our strategy to bring Passion into the Mexican culture.

What is Passion Foundation you may wonder? Well, simply put it is a Canadian non-profit organization led by professionals like Loretta Cella (founder) that has created an initiative together with Tia Kelly (co-founder) called GLOBAL SORORITY which has the great vision of providing girls around the globe with leadership skills and connecting those girls to share experiences.
 Loretta developed a model for doing so called SUCCESS and stands for Self Evaluation, Understanding, Courage, Co- operation, Exploration, Skills and Service and this model goes about learning from the inside out which basically means learning about ourselves so that we can utilize ourselves better within the community; we cannot hope to change anything in this world if we don’t change ourselves and we cannot expect the community to do something for us if we don’t do anything for or with the community. That being said, the passion is within ourselves and Global Sorority is here to assist young girls to utilize it.

From January 18-25, 2014 Global Sorority delivered this year to 21 Yucatecan girls ranging from the age of 10 to 16, fourteen hours of leadership training and support to develop specific projects in the community. There are four different projects: Team1 will create a community event to sell clothes and offer basic beauty services, Team2 will provide the community with materials to make crafts during the same event in exchange of a donation, Team3 will make piggy banks to collect money within the community and Team4 will make piggy banks to sell them; all the funds collected from each of the projects will be donated to a good cause. Global Sorority will continue the training with the girls throughout the projects by delivering Team Building techniques and Project Management skills from a Canadian Certified Project Manager. These girls will be able to learn and use the skills during and after the projects, lifelong skills.

This first landing in Mexico also created a documentary component that will highlight the impact of Estancia Nueva Vida in the community (an educational centre in Merida for girls where they are provided with different learning opportunities after school) and two young women’s stories from Merida including their dreams, desires, aspirations, and challenges.

Global Sorority will follow up with Estancia Nueva Vida regarding the projects these girls initiated and have the purpose of creating leaders within the community, leaders that will seek for the development of their community.

Global Sorority has an energetic professional Mexican-Canadian woman, Deyanira Mendoza, as a representative in Mexico who is committed to share the value that this organization has for Mexicans and will work hard with Loretta and Tia so that any young woman in need of leadership skills can find in this organization a little or big piece to the puzzle.

It is thanks to wonderful people who share our vision for life improvement and interest in the community like Patricia Pipkin, Debi Kuhn, business owners like Yuly Becerra and Adriana Alvarez, Yucatan Today and others that the real sense of community is developed and we hope that we can engage others to support the opportunity for sharing a little bit of what becomes available to us.

If you would like to read more about Passion Foundation please go to: and/or email us at [email protected]
If you would like to support us with the projects please contact Deyanira at [email protected] and let her know if out of the following items there is something you can donate: used clothes/shoes, available materials to make crafts, some of your time to help making the piggy banks or to help during the event on July 6, 2014, from 9 am to 5 pm:

The Global Sorority Girls will be showcasing their four different projects in one event:

Team1 will sell clothes and offer basic beauty services, Team2  will provide the community with materials to make crafts during the same event in exchange of a donation, Team3 made piggy banks to collect money within the community (that day different people-businesses will bring their piggy banks back with funds) and Team4  will sell piggy banks. All the funds collected from each of the projects will be donated to two different senior homes: Guarderia Las Abuelitas and Asilo Reyna La Paz.

If you would like to come to the event simply to witness what the Global Sorority girls are trying to achieve, please contact Deyanira at [email protected]. She will provide you with the address.

Soon to come is the Global Sorority’s website which will be the base for any communications.


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