Just a little over an hour outside of Mérida is the small town of Homún. If you know anything about this area, it’ll be because of the plethora of cenotes around the community that attract visitors. It is, of course, perfectly possible to visit Homún’s cenotes as a day trip from Mérida; but now, thanks to the newly opened Hameki glamping site, you can also take it a bit slower and spend a night or two in the region.

From whichever direction you approach Homún, you’ll see people along the side of the road offering to take you to the local cenotes. If you want a guide, stop and chat to them, ask about the cenotes, and look at the photos they’re holding. They’ll be able to answer any questions you may have (if you speak Spanish) and will be glad to guide you to a few. It’s also possible to go visit alone if you know where you’re going.

Our favorite swimming spots

There are so many cenotes in the area that even my family, a dedicated cenote-going team, hasn’t yet managed to visit them all! However, I can tell you that some cenotes are small and shallow while others are deep caves with deep water. If you’re going with children or nervous swimmers who haven’t spent time in a cenote before, it may be worth beginning with somewhere like Santa Cruz cenote where you’ll be able to stand almost everywhere and the entrance is sturdy; or Santa Barbara, where the cenotes are big and deep but there are lifeguards on hand and the entrances are sturdy and safe. If you’re not convinced by cenotes, there’s also Splash Parque Acuático in the center of Homún that the kids will love.

If you do opt for cenotes with small children, don’t forget their life-jackets! Cenotes are marvellously wonderful but they, like all swimming spots, are not 100% risk free. Always make sure the kids wear a life jacket.

If you are staying at Hameki, they offer a guided tour of the cenotes, which can be tailored to your group needs.

Hameki Glamping

Hameki opened its doors in late 2018. It’s a pristine glamping site that lacks for nothing. The beds are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in, the bathrooms are spotless, there’s a campfire for making smores or toasting marshmallows, the pool is glorious, and, most importantly, the service is impeccable. There is a bar on site as well as a restaurant that serves traditional Mexican fare.

Kids can feel completely free here as there is a large grassy area for them to run and play, there’s a trampoline, and, of course, the swimming pool. Don’t let on but there’s also a large screen and projector that’s hooked up to Netflix so you can surprise the kids with their own private movie night, too!

Hameki belongs to Abril Granados, who moved here from México City to slow down and find a way to improve her quality of life. Well, she’s not only improved her own life quality, but mine too, so thrilled am I to know about Hameki glamping site. A stay at Hameki is the perfect way to end a cenote trip to Homún.

Prices vary depending on the number in your group, what you require, and the time of year, so it’s worth getting in touch for a quote.

For more information, check Hameki’s Facebook page or their website.

FB: Hameki
Tel. (999) 242 4700

Editorial by Cassie Pearse
Photography by Cassie Pearse for use in Yucatán Today.

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