Walking through the “barrio” of La Mejorada you will find, among buildings with beautiful architecture, parks, and churches with great history, a space dedicated to art with meaning, Galería Mérida, on Calle 59 #452-A between 54 and 52, Centro. Specializing in current trends, the gallery offers works of painting, photography, sculpture, engraving, found art, ceramics, video and drawing.

Under the direction of Paula Sievert, enthusiastic New Yorker residing in Mérida for several years, Galería Mérida has permanent exhibits of international experimental artists, as well as providing space for local artists.

With more than 12 years of existence, and seven in the current location, the gallery has four rooms with the works of alternative artists who express themselves through sculpture or engraving, and who also present a point of view on a particular topic. Such is the case of the permanent exhibit of Joseph Kurhajec, North American sculptor who lives in France and spends seasons in Mérida.

In 2015 he made the pieces in Mérida that are currently on view in the collection “Inner Landscape”. With materials from our own Peninsula such as wood, vegetable fibers, stones, antlers, bones, among other things, he presents a reflexive look at war, violence, and humanity in sculptures and installations with noticeable pre-Hispanic inspiration. Gods, lizards, skulls, and other figures will not leave you indifferent. Be sure to notice the engravings with religious themes.

French artist Martin Lartigue presents “Figuras”, colorful pieces with an aesthetic that unites painting and sculpture with joyful themes. And William Sievert surprises with 3D paintings! When you look at them with special glasses, their message totally changes.

In another room, you will find the drawings of Ivan R. de León, co-founder of the gallery, as well as David Sierra’s works, among other artists. UADY and ESAY students also offer seasonal exhibits of their works.

This gallery is part of the art circuit that takes participates in La Noche Blanca, an initiative of the City of Mérida to promote local culture. It is also the setting for creative workshops for visiting artists, as well as musical and audiovisual projections, a free and open forum that has been functioning for various years, thanks to the participation of resident or visiting North American and European artists.

In the heart of Mejorada, Galería Mérida is a different space, in which art and music join together to create a unique reflexive sensation. The artists’ works are available for sale, along with painted ceramic plates, art cards, and more.

Open Tuesday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm, at Galería Mérida you can live an experience of art with a message by internationally known artists and at the same time get to know the work of young local talent.

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