Many of our readers are involved in buying, building, or renovating a property. Once your dream home is in progress, or better yet finished, the fun part begins! Who can resist shopping for furniture and decorating a new home!



Mérida’s Colonial Gems

If you are lucky enough to renovate one of Mérida’s colonial gems, you will have lots of wall space to fill on those 6-meter-high ceilings! You may have brought some artwork with you when you moved here, and you may also enjoy purchasing local art at one of the many galleries in Mérida. (You will see several of their ads in our magazine, on our website, and in our list of galleries.) You can always get framing done locally, if necessary.



What about furniture?

You can look for antiques at many of the antique stores around town. You need to take your time, as quality and price can vary greatly. Some treasures from the older casonas will fit beautifully into your colonial house. Much of the local furniture, both old and new, has been designed for this climate…with various types of webbing instead of cushions. It is wonderfully comfortable.

There are plenty of other furniture options, too. You can have furniture custom-made from any of the nice woods available here, and then either have it stained or painted in bright, Mexican colors. Or you can opt for various local styles, including bamboo and rattan, which is a nice option for the beach with all the brightly colored fabrics to choose from. Or shop at the many stores which carry wood furniture from Michoacán. You can also find modern and European furniture if that is your fancy, definitely to be considered if your house is of a more modern style.



If you want to sleep like a local, why not try a hammock?

Many people who never tried one before are…excuse the pun…hooked. Made from 100% cotton, they are strong and comfortable. They are less expensive than beds and will last for many years.They are washable and easy to store.


Many people invest a huge amount of time and money to ship all their furniture from their previous home in another country. This is definitely valid for those heirloom pieces you just can’t part with, but for everything else you can shop right here. The most modern electric appliances are also available, at department stores as well as specialty stores.



Happy shopping!

Mexico is one of the most artistic countries in the world, with eclectic styles that will delight your senses every single day, and make you so glad you chose to live here.



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