Earth careThe fourth Maya prophecy explains that the consequences of global warming caused by man’s anti-ecological conduct, and the sun’s greater activity, will cause a melting of the poles.

When the sun increases its activity above normal levels, this causes more solar wind, more massive solar eruptions, increased radiation and a rise in the temperature of the planet.

Clearly, this is happening right now. How did the Maya know?

The Maya based a rotation of 584 days of the planet Venus to calibrate their solar calculations. Venus is a planet easily visible in the sky, as its orbit is in between the earth and the sun.

In the Dresde codice, the Maya noted that every 117 rotations of Venus which appeared in the same point in the sky, triggered alterations in the sun as well as solar wind eruptions. They warned that every 5125 years even larger alterations would be produced, and that when this happens man should be more alert: it is the omen of changes and destruction.

In the Dresde codice, the figure 1366560 kines also appears, which has a difference of 20 years from the figure which appears in the Templo de la Cruz in Palenque, which shows the carving of the figure 1366540 kines. This difference, known as the “time of no time”, corresponds to the twenty years beginning in 1992, when the sun’s activity is stronger, causing protection from the sun on the earth’s surface to be weaker, the electromagnetic shield which covers us is diminishing, not to mention the destruction of the ozone layer.

Knowing that our actions could cause future tragedies, we should focus on producing positive results from the things we do and also try to grow from the challenges we face and overcome. We should make choices in a conscientious way. We should open our eyes to the possibilities that could be caused by a world where everyone blames everyone else for what happens, without taking responsibility for the part we play. We should look closely at our actions as a conscious society; uniting and working to improve ourselves, assume the positive effects, and thereby diminish the collateral damage.

All of the prophecies seek a change in the mind of mankind, for the universe is generating all these processes so that humanity will expand in the galazy understanding the fundamental integrity with what already exists.

The world will not end, as life is infinite. The social changes and our way of struggling during these times of crisis will be determining factors. Respect for the planet, ecology, solidarity, and the union of our species are all factors that will help us face these difficult times.

By: Anabell Castañeda
Email: [email protected]


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