Chilam BalamThe first prophecy, which talks about the end of fear, says: our world of hate and materialism will end on Sat. Dec. 22, 2012. For that day humanity should choose between disappearing as a thinking species that threatens to destroy the planet, or evolve toward harmonious integration with the entire universe, with the understanding that everything is alive and conscious, that we are a part of that everything, and that we can exist in a new era of light.

The Maya knew that our sun (Kinich-Ahau) is a live being which breathes, and that every so often it synchronizes itself with the enormous organism in which it exists. Based on their observations, the Maya predicted that beginning on the date of its civilization (4 Ahau 8 Cumku), or from the year 3113 BC, to 5125 years into the future, on Sat. Dec. 22, 2012, the sun, upon receiving a strong synchronizing beam which will come from the center of the galaxy, will change its polarity and will produce a giant radiant flash.

For the Maya, the universal processes such as the breathing of the galaxy are cyclical and never change; what does change is the conscience of man which passes through them, always in a process towards Perfection. They tell us that changing times permit us st take a step up the ladder in the evolution of the conscience, directing us towards a new civilization which will manifest greater harmony and understanding for all human beings.

They predicted that until then, ever-increasing solar winds would appear in the sun; from 1992 humanity would enter in a last phase of great learning, great changes.

Humanity should be prepared to go through the door that the Maya left open for us, transforming the current civilization based on fear into a vibration full of harmony. Only in an individual manner can the doorway be entered, to begin a new era, a sixth cycle of the sun.

They say that our own conduct of plundering and contaminating the planet actually helps to bring about these changes; that these changes will take place so that we learn how the universe functions and advance to higher levels, leaving behind materialism, thereby freeing ourselves of suffering.

The sacred Maya book of Chilam Balam says: “In the thirteen ‘Ahau’ to the end of the final ‘Katun’, the ‘itzá’ will be swept away and ‘Tanka’ will roll in; there will be a time in which they will be immersed in darkness, and then the sign of their future will come from the sun; the earth will awaken from the north and from the west: the ‘itzá’ will awaken.”

And that seven years after the start of the last “Katun”, in other words in 1999, a period of darkness would begin that would confront us all with our own behavior. They said that the words of their priests would be heard by us all as a wake-up call.

We are living in an era of changes, so that man can face himself in the large room of mirrors, looking closely at himself and analyzing his conduct with himself, with others, with nature, and with the planet; an era for all humanity to make a conscious choice to change and eliminate fear and lack of respect in all our relationships.

Anabell Castañeda
[email protected]


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