Chilam BalamThe fifth prophecy makes a clear reference to the detour of our leaders with respect to the will and needs of the people; we can see how they focus on their own interests rather than the demands and the needs of the population.

This greed and ambition has created a general loss of prestige of politics and of the means of accessing and administering power, clearly resulting in a crisis of authority in every scope and level of social fellowship.

Written in the Maya book Chilam Balam, which contains the Maya Prophecies:

“Drought will arrive everywhere, but the face of hunger will not be ravenous. Because the water in the canals will offer bread beyond the mountains. Beyond the rocky hills, this time brings frightening hunger, but not everywhere.”

This will not happen everywhere, and only in the areas marked by the descent of the serpent at Chichén Itzá.

There will be general loss of prestige of politics, politicians, political parties, and religious leaders; ineffectiveness and inefficiency in the administration of public and private resources of the State and of the companies, institutions, and national and world governments; as well as at the family and community level; product of the greed and ambition, generating corruption.

The vibrations of the common man have descended to primitive, instinctive, and impulsive levels of expression, for a brief but intense period of time. Our ethical-moral codes have been weakened, resulting in chaos in our social conventions, as for example the concept of marriage as a bond; and, on a macro level, the breaking of international agreements and relationships, ignorance of borders, etc.

This period of darkness and distortion will allow humanity to simultaneously be prepared to respond to our new conduct and new relationships, thanks to the liberation of our deficincies and the free expression of our true desires, longings, and aspirations: definitely the advent of a new time on a new Earth.

“The sting of the words will fall into the eyes and hearts of people everywhere.”

Chilam, the priest of the solar cult, which is represented with an owl, for its ability to see “in the darkness of night or the hidden” indicates that humanity will depart from the long night we are living now, and the one promised for 2012.

By: Anabell Castañeda
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