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Festival de las Ánimas (Festival of Souls) 2018

For the second consecutive year the “Festival de las Ánimas” (festival of the souls) will take place, organized by the Ayuntamiento of Mérida. During the week of October 23 – 30, the cultural activities that are held in the city will be adapted to the Day of the Dead, including a play at Palacio Municipal, a photographic exhibition at Centro Cultural Olimpo, the cicloturixes bicycle tour, and the Maya X’men ceremony, both at the General Cemetery. There will also be an altar to honor Yucatecan composers during the “Serenata” at Santa Lucía Park, a “Catrinas” theme at “Noche Mexicana,” closing on Monday with the “Vaquería de las Ánimas” (regional dance of the souls) at the Palacio Municipal.

The “Paseo de las Ánimas” (passage of the souls) will be held on October 27: a procession of “ánimas” wearing traditional attire, carrying candles as they walk along. There will be a display of altars along the 13 city blocks that pass through emblematic areas of Mérida, starting at the General Cemetery, passing through the Ermita de Santa Isabel and the “Diamante” corner, and ending at the “barrio” of San Juan.

The activities will begin at 6 pm at the door of the Panteón Florido cemetery; here and at San Juan park you will hear pre-Hispanic music and the telling of Maya legends. At the Ermita de Santa Isabel you will be able to see a regional theater performance, the “Vaquería de las Ánimas” (regional dance), and more.

At the “Diamante” corner, there will be live folk music and a trío. At the Jardín Botánico (botanical garden located in Ermita), the Adulto Mayor (seniors) ballet will be performing.

Festival de las Ánimas 2017 Program

Monday, October 23

  • Regional theater “El Mucbilpollo de Don Pancho” by Nancy Roche, outside the Palacio Municipal, 8 pm

Tuesday, October 24

  • “Pixanes” photos exhibition by Alejandro Poot Molina, Centro Cultural Olimpo, 8 pm

Wednesday, October 25

  • Souls tour, general cemetery, 7:30 pm
  • Cicloturixes, bicycle tour starting at Parque Santa Ana to General Cemetery, 7:30 pm

Thursday, October 26

  • “México y sus Tradiciones, Día de Muertos” show, Centro Municipal de Danza, 6 pm
  • Serenata de Ánimas, dedicated to the Yucatecan composer Judith Pérez Romero, Parque de Santa Lucía, 9 pm

Friday, October 27

  • Paseo de las Ánimas, starting at Panteón Florido and Panteón General and ending at Parque de San Juan, 6 pm

Saturday, October 28

  • Day of the Dead floral display “Encuentro con las Ánimas,” Parque de la Mejorada, from 10 am to 10 pm
  • Altars display, Plaza Grande, from 10 am to 10 pm
  • Noche Mexicana, noche de catrinas, Remate del Paseo de Montejo, 8 pm

Sunday October 29

  • Show for children with Frank the clown and his calaveras, outside Palacio Municipal, 11 am
  • Regional theater with Alicia García “Xpet” with the play “Alma en Pena,” outside Palacio Municipal, 12 pm

Monday, October 30

  • Vaquería (dance festival) of the souls, outside the Palacio Municipal, 8:30 pm


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