Academics, scientists, and national and international artists from the world of theater, dance, opera, and music come together in Mérida to participate in cultural events, conferences, awards and much more, for two busy weeks. Yucatán is the host of one of the most important international festivals in México: FICMAYA (International Festival of the Maya Culture).

It will be held from October 19 to November 5 under the theme “La Cosmogonía y la Preservación del Planeta” (Cosmogony and Preservation of the Planet), with Canada and México City as the guest country and region of México. If you want to learn more about Maya culture, don’t miss the round table about “La Cosmogonía y la Mitología entre los Mayas” (the cosmogony and the mythology among the Maya) and the world conference about the preservation of the planet that will take place from October 24 to 26.

During the festival there will an amazing variety of music from all over the world with presentations for every taste: Flamenco, Zarzuela, marimbas, Big Band music, Afro Caribbean, as well as concerts by Karen Souza, Arianna, Javier Alcalá, and a gala with the soloist from the Bellas Artes Opera Studio, plus shows by Guadalupe Pineda and Tania Libertad, the virtuoso Cecilio Perera on the guitar, and Symphonic Rock with the Caribe Orchestra.

In the theater realm there will be puppet shows, musicals, classics such as “Romeo and Juliet,” and an award for the writer Willebaldo López and the actress Ofelia Medina, among others.

UADY will also be participating with activities such as the Maya story book “Entre Nubes y Piedras” presentation, conferences, and the exhibition and book sale at Plaza Grande, under the organization of FILEY (International Reading Festival of Yucatán).

Because art is considered as a bridge that joins cultures, Soho Galleries will have a special exhibition with two artists from Canada: Jo Lomas, ceramist, and Kreso Cavlovic, painter; and from México City, Eduardo del Valle, David Roy Ocotla, and René Rabadán Nishimura. A portion of the sales will be donated to the earthquake victims. It will be a cultural exchange and a celebration among the relationship between México and Canada. Inauguration: October 28 at 7 pm.

Art, culture, events for everyone and more, during FICMAYA: six years of international recognition, with activities for the whole family.
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By: Violeta H. Cantarell

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